US Treasuries Investing Part 2 CD (57)




What happens to your money when the market drops! Is there somewhere safe you can place your capital in times of troubled markets? A properly balanced portfolio should include fixed income products. They are designed to provide a safe place for capital preservation as well as income. This course explains the world of investing in the safest of all fixed income securities, US Treasury products. It breaks down the types of securities available from the US Treasury, how to purchase them, and several strategies for including them in your portfolio. After viewing this course, you will have knowledge of how interest rates fluctuate and how to take advantage of certain Treasury securities in inflationary or deflationary times.

You will learn:

1. Explanation of total return and the Yield Curve
2. The interest rate effect on Treasuries
3. Inflation: causes & the Federal Reserve’s role in combating it
4. Measuring inflation and economic indicators
5. Treasury Investing Strategies: Inflation based strategies, Ladders, Bullets, Barbells
6. Market and investment risk discussion – See more at:


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