Opting for Options Trading CD 1 (18)


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Get introduced to the flexible world of Options trading. Options trading means choices. Options trading gives you the power to enhance your equity positions or options can be traded solo. We will teach you all aspects of the Options trading world using the latest tools and software. You will learn how the professional traders hunt, find and evaluate the best Options Strategy with the least risk. You will learn the professional side of options and learn to make money. You will understand the difference in directional plays, spreads and hedges. Learn to trade with discipline, a plan and the latest technical tools.

Topics covered include:

  • Options Fundamentals
  • Risk Profiling and Options Valuations
  • Income Strategies
  • Spread Strategies
  • Understanding Volatility
  • Introduction to the Greeks
  • Risk Management

and much, much more…!

Psychology rules the Markets! Learn how psychology moves the masses and how understanding that enables you to predict market moves. Then put it to work with what our instructor teaches you on this CD!


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