10 Laws of Risk Management CD (11)


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This course will take you through the 10 basic laws of Risk Management that will solidify your success as a trader.

Successful traders, no matter what the financial instrument, have all learned the specific rules to Risk Management, Capital Preservation and Discipline.

This course will take you through the 10 basic laws – a “Starter’s Kit” for the serious trader. We will list and then show you how to implement these laws into your own trading style. “Learning How Not To Lose” is the first step you need to take. Without it, success will be transitory at best. This course not only takes you through the psychology of the trade, but goes into detail of setting the entry, the goals and the stops of each style of trade. If you have never shorted a stock before – or even if you have – learn the latest techniques and rules of the road.

Order this course today and take control of your options trading for good. These are advanced concepts for those of you who have been in options directionally but want more… more control of risk, more profitability, more control over time. This course is for you


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