Mind, Method and Market CD (46)




This program was recorded “Live” at the Ft. Lauderdale International Traders Expo. Our instructor examines “what makes a trader tick”. In the first section, the trader’s mind is examined – what are beliefs, how do they affect your decision process. How can you overcome your personal characteristics and learn to “hard-wire” proper response to emotionally driven situations.

The program moves on into the world of trade plan set-up in the “Method” section. What are the differences between short term traders and position traders. What drives their decisions? Why are their information sources so varied? You come to understand “why” your favorite method will fail as the Market changes.

The final section of the course revolves around an insightful look at the markets and their personalities and the effect on your trading decisions. Learn why each trade has a minimum of 12 major decisions before you are on the right side of the trade – and how to make those decisions!

In this Course you will learn about:

  • Belief Systems and How they lead you Astray
  • Why ‘Self-Reliance” is the only answer
  • How your subconscious works your trades invisibly
  • Controlling your Emotions and Hard-wiring proper conduct
  • Developing solid methods of attack on the markets and seeing when they change
  • Understanding how Technical Analysis is mis-used by most
  • 12 Basic scenarios for trade decision Points
  • How to be a better YOU

And much, much more…


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