Active Investing CD Part 2 (59)




In the first CD of this course, we discussed the proper timeframe for active investing, the need for diversification of your portfolio, the types and characteristics of the asset classes, completed bond pricing exercises, examined risks and risk tolerance in relation to investing, proper asset allocation, investment styles, and explore the difference between mutual funds and ETF’s.

On this CD, we will introduce you to fundamental analysis, discuss fundamental concepts of active investing, examine technical analysis techniques and trend analysis, discuss technical foundations for investing, and teach you how to measure relative strength. We will then complete some charting exercises and wrap up the course by discussing how to put all you have learned into practice.

You will explore and understand:

  • Intro to Fundamental Analysis
  • Fundamental Concepts
  • Intro to Technical & Trend Analysis
  • Technical Foundations
  • Measuring Relative Strength
  • Charting Exercises

And much, much more…

These 2 CD courses will take you through each and every step of developing and implementing an Active Investing Portfolio. These 2 CD courses helps you to actually do the stock selections, do the disciplined screening, do the planning and setup the execution.

You will finally understand “why” people like Warren Buffett, Peter Lynch, Sir John Templeton and others are rich beyond belief.

If you do not wish to spend a great deal of time in front of a computer screen, then Active Investing is the answer.


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