Fundamentally Sound CD – An Introduction to Fundamental Analysis (64)




In the last decade, too many investors have been “caught up” in the volatility of the market place and have turned to listening to people who do not care whether you make money or not. So many have turned away from the basic concepts of determining the strength (or weakness) in a company’s stocks. This course is designed to reverse that and give you the tools and insight on how to truly analyze a company’s financial future and potential growth. With this knowledge, you can learn to stack the probability of success on your side and do away with “listening to others” that may or may not have a secret agenda.

Fundamentally Sound will give you the tools to:

  • Understand a Company’s Balance Sheet
  • Learn how to determine Shareholder Equity – and probability that it will increase
  • Calculate the difference between Cash Flow and Free Cash Flow
  • Read the Company’s 10-K and where to do it – for yourself
  • Learn to see strength or weakness at a glance by looking at Key Ratios
  • Determine when a Sector of stocks will rotate in favor
  • Grasp the difference between true Value investing and Growth

This 1 hour and 15 minute class with take you through all of the above and more with exact examples and great “how to’s”. This program is a “must” for all serious investors.


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