Investor’s Guide to Point & Figure Charting CD (70)




One of the time-honored methods of charting is completely explained in this 1 hour and 30 minute course. Point & Figure charting has the unique ability to guide the Investor through Pure Price. That sounds funny but one of the best ways to determine strength or weakness in a stock is by eliminating “time” as factor and working off of pure price patterns. This class takes you from “how they work” to “how do you apply them in Real Life”. Wouldn’t it be nice to know exactly when to buy, to project an exact target (and take it) and clearly understand when to close the position before it become a “stomach churner”?

This is not a theoretical class. This is a hands-on program designed to:

  • Teach you the value behind Point & Figure analysis
  • Show how to read “Implied Volume” at a glance
  • Show you simple Buy Confirmations and Sell Confirmations
  • Teach you how to use concepts you already know and apply them in the “Non-Timed” world
  • How to calculate Horizontal projections
  • How to calculate Vertical projections
  • Teach you clearly how to set a logical Stop loss and make it Trail the stock for reducing risk as we profit.

This class gives you an advantage over people who have never even heard of Point & Figure charting, even though the Pro’s use it today after 200 years of efficacy. Let us give you that “Edge” you have been missing in your investing.


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