Options 3 CD-Advanced Concepts-Mastering Volatility


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In order to master options and profit by them as much as possible, you must learn how to deal with Option Volatility. Mathematically, it is the square root of the variance. Sounds confusing, but don’t worry! Once you take this course, you will not only understand it, but you will routinely choose the best option trades for maximum profit.

Volatility in options trading is simply the most important aspect when calculating a high probability profit. Volatility can be used in explosive markets and be incredibly profitable in quiet times.

If you trade options, you need to “get” the spreads. In this course we outline their uses, abuses, risks and selection criteria in a simple, straightforward manner.

Learn the differences between Straddles and Strangles. Is a Long Butterfly better than a Short Condor? Perhaps you are not sure which way a stock price will go but expect it to move on earnings – should you choose a Vertical Spread or a Calendar Spread? You will know when you complete this course.

We will cover in depth:

  • Straddles – Long & Short
  • Strangles – Long & Short
  • Ratio Back spreads – Long & Short
  • Ratio Vertical Spreads – Long & Short
  • Butterfly Spreads – Long & Short
  • Condor Spreads – Long & short
  • Calendar Spreads, aka Horizontal or Time Spreads – Long & Short
  • Diagonal Spreads – Long & Short

Order this course today and take control of your options trading for good. These are advanced concepts for those of you who have been in options directionally but want more… more control of risk, more profitability, more control over time. This course is for you.


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